Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anna Hazare - Other Perspective

Almost everyone in India is strongly supporting Anna Hazare and his movement against corruption. Only Congress and Lok Satta Parties asked him to withdraw his fasting. Many people were inspired by him, and they did fasting or campaigning within their capacity. I feel his way of solving the problem is not scalable and may mislead the people and India.

Except Politicians everybody hates Politics

India is a democratic country, and all the Indian citizens get right to chose the people who can rule us. If we chose that option carefully, we don't need to do anything else. But, instead of choosing that option, he has chosen fasting. I would have been more happy, if he had come forward during the elections and asked everyone to vote for a good political party. If he thinks, there is no political party which is good, he should have started a political party.

Unfortunately, except the politicians and their families, everybody else hates politics. During the elections, ask any NGO or social worker for helping in your election, they would simply reject it unconditionally. During the elections time, all these 'so called' social workers sleep, and after that for five years, they try to do everything possible. They want the anti-corruption bill to be passed. They want the corrupted politicians (who were in the assembly/parliament for more than couple of decades) to be punished. They ask people to participate in the movements for developing the country, and the list is endless.

Unfortunately, even Anna Hazare does not have good opinion about politics and politicians. He is against politics and politicians. He thinks that most of the politicians are bad (Initially, he said all politicians are bad) and does not want to meet them. If they are bad, why the people had voted for them in the first place? If we chose a corrupted person, he would do corruption. Politicians are honest in their dishonesty. We are doing wrong thing by voting for a corrupted person, and then we are fighting on the streets to punish that person. This kind of things done only by people who do not have any work or mind.

Spend one day in voting for a correct person, and you can take rest for five years. But, all these active people sleep on the voting day and fight for the next five years.

Voting bad people during election and then sitting on Dharna afterwards is much like not studying during exam and pleading professor for grace marks. - chanchal_p

Do we need a separate act for people's representatives

If atleast 20% of the voters take little interest, then we don't need any acts for people's representatives. Except sons and daughters of the senior politicians, almost everyone starts at a small level and gradually they become ministers. Those who come to politics without much background start their career as a corporator, councilor or surpanch. After that, they rise to Chairman/Mayor, then to MLA, then to Minister of State, then to Cabinet Minister and then to Chief Minister.

If the politician is doing corruption at any level, and if the voters immediately refuse him/her, do not vote him/her again in his/her life time, then nobody would do corruption. A corporator knows that, if he/she does corruption, he/she will never become even an MLA, no need to speak of Minister. So, if they want higher post, they have to be sincere. It may be very unlikely that, a person is sincere for 20 years, and suddenly becomes corrupt. Even if there are politicians like that, still, the average net profits that they would get across all those politicians would be negligible. Because, not every candidate wins in the election continuously, and even among those who won, not everyone becomes minister. So, if anyone is trying to be sincere for 20 years and then want to do corruption, country won't lose that much because of them.

Hysteria will not end corruption
If NGO types want to make laws, let them get elected to the Lok Sabha or else go back to activities that are genuinely non-governmental. Making laws is the right of government, no matter how ineffective or corrupt the government may be. This appears to have been forgotten in the mass hysterics of last week. It is time to remember.
Does Fasting Help?

In Manipur, there is a lady Chanu Sharmila, who has been fasting for the last 10 years for human rights in Manipur. She has been in hospital for the last 10 years. Till now, nobody cared about her.

Misuse of Fasting

1.5 years back, one politician (mis)used fasting, and almost everyone in that state had to suffer like anything, and that state lost everything for 6 months, starting from IPL to new software companies.

If people start using fasting for everything, then there will be more misuses, and it is definitely loss for the country.

Only Politics Can Change People's Life

Government can do a lot to the people and it cannot be replaced by even the biggest billionaires of the world. What can be done by a Prime Minister in two weeks is a no match with the donation made by Bill Gates or Warren Buffett.

Are we sincere? (It is in Telugu)


  1. Very good article.


  2. If Useless Moral Policing. Here is What the Actual Situation of The Congress Party is Today :-
    “A corrupt government devoid of moral authority is ill equipped to deal rationally with legitimate public anger. By ordering the illegitimate detention of Anna Hazare before he began his fast in support of stronger anti-corruption provisions in the Lokpal Bill and the arrest of a large number of peaceful protesters in the national capital, the United Progressive Alliance government revealed its ugly, repressive face.

    “No representative government in a democracy can deny citizens their fundamental right to dissent and peaceful protest. Insisting on unreasonable, inequitable, and suspiciously contrived conditions that everyone knows the protesters cannot accept is tantamount to denial of the democratic right. Instead of honestly dealing with the issues raised by successive corruption scandals, the UPA government chose to cover up.

    “When that became unsustainable, it resorted to slurs and dirty tricks, and incrementally raised the level of repression to smother voices demanding accountability and corrective institutional measures. It is no wonder that from time to time such a government gets into panic mode, miscalculates, and commits acts that everyone outside the regime recognises as politically stupid.”

    Read the full editorial: Corrupt, repressive, and stupid
    - "The HINDU"