Saturday, May 28, 2011

Strikes by Doctors

The following has been told by one doctor.

Whenever there is strike by doctors, news papers mention how many people died during the strike. They talk as if the doctors are killing the patients and ask doctors to withdraw the strike. But, the fact is, everyday, we are seeing the same no.of people dieing in front of our eyes. The media or government does not care about that. But, it cares about only the people who died during the strike. We ask for minimum facilities in the hospitals, which can save many lives. Even if we don't do strike, the people would die anyway, because of lack of medicines and facilities in the hospitals. Instead of providing medicines, government looks us as criminals.

There are significant no.of good doctors in the government hospitals who want to serve people. If the government does not have funds for whatever reasons, atleast, if it allows the hospitals to charge money from those who can afford to pay the fees, that would improve the situation little better. Unfortunately, our socialist government does not allow discrimination of any kind (Reservations based on 16 different criteria is out of context here.)

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