Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What if you don't win in the elections?

One of the very good responses that I heard for the question, "What if you don't win in the elections?". General people may think that, a single vote may not have that much value. But, all the politicians give lot of value to even for that single vote.

I want to make it very expensive for the other political parties to compete. They are right now eating lot of money and also splurging lot of money in campaigning. I want to make them splurge lot more than what they are splurging. I want them to feel the pinch. Even if I don't win, if they win, I will make it very hard for them to make money. So, they will be splurging lot more than what they are doing right now, and in addition to that, they will not be able to make more money than what they are doing right now. That means, the business of politics will not be so opportunistic any more. So, they will have to find out something else to become rich quickly.

- Dilip Sankarreddy


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