Friday, June 07, 2013

Political Parties under RTI

I cannot understand, why do we need to bring political parties under RTI. Most of the political parties run with black money, and the white money that they have is an insignificant part. If we bring RTI, obviously, it would be applicable to only white money and not to black money. What can one do with the details of insignificant white money?

Last month, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) conducted an annual meeting and in that they announced that, for the last financial year, their income was little less than Rs.3 crore. Everyone knows that, their annual meeting itself cannot be conducted with Rs.3 crore. If anyone is interested in exposing them or take legal actions, this alone is enough. No need of RTI and the minute details of the income.

But, by bringing RTI in political parties, the honest political parties may suffer. If the donor details of the honest political parties are revealed, then the other political parties would go to those donors and demand more money. It would lead to the reduction of donations to the honest political parties.

If RTI is allowed for black money, then it would be of some use, and I would like to know the following by that.

If I want to contest in the elections (for MLA, MP or Chair-person), how much donation do I need to give to the party, and how much I have to pay to different leaders? And also, what are the rates for different constituencies?

How much did party pay the voters in different areas of the state? [It would be useful, to select the cheapest constituency.]

If I am not interested in direct elections, but, want to become an MLC or Rajyasabha MP, how much do I have to pay?

If I want to become a chairman of any government or government controlled organization, how much do I have to pay?

If I get this information, then it would be useful for me, so that I can plan how much money I have to earn to get a post. With the present scenario, if I file RTI, they would say, for my assembly constituency, they had spent Rs.10 Lakh for the election campaign. For obvious reasons, it is of no use for anybody.

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