Thursday, April 21, 2016

Suresh Kumar Talluri

I met him first time when I was going to Mumbai. His help for me started, when he carried my heavy bag on that day. He used to correct my mistakes immediately. When anyone says, Hi to me, I used to just smile and not reply back with Hi. He forced me to say Hi.

When I was studying in Mumbai, I attended only one party apart from introduction/farewall party by/for my seniors. That was the party given by him when he got a job. He asked everyone to come by 7 PM to go for party. I thought of skipping and thought of going late, and went at 7.20 PM. Little did I remember that, indians do not follow Indian Standard Time. He was waiting at the entrance of the hostel, and told me to come. If it had been anybody else, I would have said no, but, not to him.

Few years later, when I met him, he said, I did not change at all and still I am not at all talking. I wanted to say (but did not say), "I have improved a lot. But, I don't talk when others are talking". [He is very talkative.]

I am unable to digest his death due to flood, that too in US.


It is with a heavy heart that we inform you the sudden demise of Suresh Kumar Talluri, our friend and colleague. He lost his life in the early hours of Monday, 4/18/2016 in the catastrophic Houston floods at I-610 and Westpark Tollway while he was on his way to work . He is survived by his wife and 2 kids (aged 6 and 8). Anyone who knew Suresh would vouch for the ball of energy he was. He was a dedicated professional, a dutiful son, a devoted father, and a loving husband.

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  1. RIP brother.. Its is sad to know this news.. Suresh is my relative ( Brother ) and I know he is very dedicated and loving person. I am not able to imagine the condition of his parents. i pray god to give strength to his family.