Sunday, December 15, 2019

Act vs Implementation

Whenever some major incident happens, Government introduces another act and everyone hails the government for that. Life goes on as usual (without much change).

For the recent problems that media is highlighting (Rape and Murder), we don't need another act. We already have too many stringent laws/acts. What we need is efficient implementation.

Before one criticizes police for not acting immediately, we have to see whether police have enough time to deal with all the cases. Most of the time, they are severely under staffed and had to work overtime. Government should increase the no.of police significantly.

The no.of cases is too huge in any court. Government should increase the no.of courts/judges so that, the cases can be closed sooner.

In the recent Disa act introduced by AP Government, if the government tries to solve the case in 30 days, then most of the time, there won't be any punishment, since, to prove someone beyond reasonable doubt requires significant evidence collection and that would take quite some time. When police is under-staffed, they cannot get complete evidence in such less time. When police take more time, it becomes like how it is now (no change).

Without increasing the police/courts/judges and other infrastructure related issues, if the government tries to solve the problems with yet another act, it won't be possible. If they try to solve without increasing the infrastructure, it would cause increase in other types of crimes.

Many times, the real solution is always dull and not exciting.

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