Saturday, October 24, 2020

Rejection of Agriculture Bills by Punjab Government

Punjab Government rejected the new Agriculture bills brought by Union Government.

Can they say what benefit the farmers in Punjab are going to get by this?

When the farmers in the entire country can sell to whomever they want and for whatever price they want, farmers in Punjab cannot do that. Is it a benefit to the farmers of Punjab?

If the farmers in the country outside Punjab wants to have any agreement with anyone, they can do it. Farmers in Punjab cannot do anything like that. Is it a benefit to the farmers of Punjab?

If Punjab Government wants to show their disapproval without harming the country, they can say something like, they don't have infrastructure to handle the disputes arising out of those acts. The farmers should take the freedom at their own risk. But, instead, Punjab Government is restricting the farmers.

It is not the terrorists or militants that are destroying our country. It is the politicians who are destroying our country.

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