Saturday, November 21, 2020

You are not the highest bidder - but you were offered the auction item

You participated in an auction. You did not win the auction. After few days, the auctioneer called you and offered the auction item for your highest bid. Would you buy that item for your highest bid?

That might be a potential scam. 

You are interested in buying an item for Rs.20 Lakh. The next actual buyer is ready to buy for Rs.10 Lakh. Let's say, in the auction, the minimum increment is Rs.1000. In a fair auction, you can get the item for Rs.10,01,000. 

Let's say, the auctioneer put someone from his team to win the auction. Then, that person wins the auction for Rs.20,01,000. Since, the winner is from the team of the auctioneer, they won't actual take the item. After few days, you would get call from the auctioneer that, they are ready to offer you for the amount you quoted. If you accept that, you are going to lose big time. 

Even if you ask for another auction to be performed, it is not going to help that much. Because, the auctioneer knows that, you were ready to buy for Rs.20 Lakh, they can manipulate you to buy for atleast Rs.18 Lakh or Rs.19 Lakh by having their own member in the next auction as well. 

When someone has done a scam like above, and if they are doing re-auction, it is not going to be fair by any means. Because, the auctioneer has the complete data of everyone's highest bid. They can easily manipulate it, so that, they can get a good deal. 

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