Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Severe Punishment to the Decision Makers of IRCTC and Indian Railways

I donated Rs.1000 to Lord Krishna to give severe punishment to the decision makers of IRCTC and Indian Railways.

What I would prefer is, all of them should go to hell very soon and get all the punishments mentioned in the Garuda Puranam. But, I would let Lord Krishna decide appropriate punishment for them.

My accounts are blocked by IRCTC. 

When I raised the request, their reply was, I was hitting enormously and using auto-fill scripts.

I replied to them saying, in the last 9 months, I hardly used IRCTC accounts and no need to talk about hitting enormously or using auto-fill scripts. 

Then, they replied saying, my account is used for commercial purposes. 

I replied saying that I never booked even a single ticket in the last 9 months. When there is not even a single booking, what do they mean by using it for commercial purposes.

When I complained in RailMadAd, initially, they gave the same reason as the account was used for commercial purposes. After I refuted that, they gave the reason that my profile had junk values and I needed to submit my id card. 

I know that my profile does not have any junk values. Still, I submitted my id card. 

They closed the ticket saying, IRCTC is going to resolve it, and IRCTC did not resolve it. 

Their explanation was like, they wanted to block my account and inventing reasons to block it rather than checking whether they blocked with a valid reason or not. 

Even if I had done what they claimed that I did, if it was a private organization [without government support], they would have handled it a lot differently. 

For the issue with hitting enormously, one can have a limit of the no.of requests for a duration, and once the user reaches that limit, they will not be able to make any requests till that duration.

IRCTC is the only organization in the whole world, which says, "Auto-Fill scripts" is a software and used for hacking. 

When the organization does not want people to use it for commercial purposes, they limit the no.of bookings they make. IRCTC is already limiting the no.of bookings to 6/month. With 6 tickets per month, what commercial activities can one person do? Before Corona, I used to travel more than 10 times in a month, and when even 10 tickets were not enough for me, they put the limit of 6 tickets and even in that, they are saying, I am using it for commercial purposes.

If the profile has junk values, a typical private organization will force to fix the profile before proceeding. But, IRCTC just disables the account with no way to fix it.

I very rarely ask God to punish someone. Most of the time, I just leave them and wish Karma to take care of them. But, after a very long time, I am explicitly praying to God to punish someone. 

I wish all the decision makers of IRCTC and Indian Railways are severely punished in hell very soon for harassing me. I prefer them to get all the punishments that are mentioned in Garuda Puranam. But, I let Lord Krishna decide what to do with them.

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