Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I have Covid Antibodies

I have Covid Antibodies. The value is 78. Asian Institute of Gastroenterology published a paper saying, they observed a value of 150, for those who have taken the first dose of vaccine without having history of Covid. Sometime back, I got fever, and I recovered in less than a day. When I got fever, I did not eat/drink anything except Honey and Water. I slept for more than 10 hours. By the next morning, I was completely normal. I did not take any medicine. Our body can cure many of the diseases it gets. Just that, we need to do whatever it requires to cure the diseases. Our body spends significant energy in digesting the food. If we do not eat anything, then it can use that time and energy to cure any diseases that it has. Honey is one item which can give energy to our body without burdening our digestive system. Water is required for internal cleaning of the body, and everyone must drink a lot of water. When we take honey and water, we get full energy, without any burden on the digestive system. Our body can spend all its time and energy in cleaning the body. If you do not feel like eating, then do not eat food. When you are not feeling well and not feeling like eating, and if you still eat, you are going to increase your disease. In the name of not wasting food, do not throw the food in your stomach. Your stomach is not a dustbin. The cost of the food is far less than the cost of the treatment. To get enough energy, one must take sufficient honey. The quantity of the honey varies based on the person, the illness, and the brand of honey. When I am fully healthy and if I don't eat anything, then I need around 400 grams of Dabur Honey or 600 grams of Honey of Patanjali, Himalaya or More (Aditya Birla). When I am not healthy, then half of that is enough. When you are fasting, and if you feel you don't have enough energy, it means you did not take enough honey. For more information, one can read the books of Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju at http://www.manthena.org.

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