Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Male Passengers are not allowed in Chennai Local Trains during peak time


Men spread Corona.

Women do not spread Corona.

That's why Southern Railways banned male passengers during peak hours in Local Trains in Chennai.

Cannot the government find some sensible rule rather than coming up with sexist/stupid policies?

If they think that there is too much crowd, they can restrict the no.of tickets sold. If they put some limit on the no.of tickets per train, after selling that many tickets, they can stop selling more tickets till a train departs.

Even with this rule, I can see many men during peak time in local trains. Of course, the Government may say, they all have permission letters to travel during peak time. But, it is possible that some of them would have found some woman to take the ticket for them. There is even more chance that many men might be travelling without a ticket, as there are no TTEs.

Before introducing this rule, I don't know whether the authorities saw the crowd in fast local trains or not. The fast local trains are fully crowded and closely resemble pre-covid days.

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