Saturday, June 18, 2022

Speak only Truth

Whenever I hear, "Speak only Truth", I always feel uncomfortable. 

If someone asks me, how much salary am I getting, why should I tell the truth? I don't want to tell how much I am earning. Most of the time, I generate a random number and I tell that number. 

If anyone still says, I should speak only the truth, then I would like to ask a few questions and get the truth from them.

What is the username/password of your internet banking account?

What is your email password which is linked with all your social accounts?

Can you tell me the OTP that you have just received on your mobile?

Some time back, when I was doing one transaction with a person, that person asked me to tell a lie to the middleman, so that the brokerage would be saved. I refused for multiple reasons. Main reason was, I need that broker for my future transactions and if there is any breach of trust now, I won't get any favorable deals later on. 

In another case, I forced one person to tell a lie to the middleman, so that I could save the brokerage. [I paid the brokerage for the initial contract, and wanted to avoid brokerage for the extension of the contract.]

In a few cases, I refused to tell lies, because the lie is not convincing. 

In a few other cases, I did not tell lies, because I did not have answers for the follow up questions that may come.

There was at least one instance (there might be more), when I told the absolute truth, but I tried to tell in such a way that, everyone thought, it was a lie. 

Whether I tell lies or truth depends on multiple things. Don't expect truth from me. 

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