Saturday, July 08, 2023

Is it Scientifically Proven?

If someone claims that they found a cure for a disease in any method other than allopathy, immediately, many people will start questioning the scientific validity of that. Many times, they go to any length to unpopular them.

Many people miss to ask a very basic question. What is the side-effect, if one uses that? 

Many many years back, one of my friends suggested to drink water in the morning before eating/drinking anything else. Do I have to consult doctors whether it is scientifically proven or not? Do I have to wait till scientists research on that and publish a paper proving or disproving that? If they disprove that, should I stop drinking water in the morning? 

How do all those things matter to me? I did not see any harm in doing that, and I drank for a few days. I saw significant improvement in that, and since then I have been drinking water in the morning before taking anything else. I have been continuing that for many many years and planning to continue life long. 

If someone is having a fever, then what I suggest to them is, don't eat anything, drink a lot of honey water, and sleep a lot. If someone is having a fever, they won't feel like eating anything. If I am saying, if you are not feeling like eating, don't eat. But, to get energy, drink honey water. What is that person going to lose by following that? Does it require an approval from some scientist in Harvard University?

When someone suggests something, before even asking whether it is scientifically proven or not, one should ask, What would I lose if I do that? 

Let's say, someone suggested you do something which would take one hour of your time and costs Rs.100 and no other loss. If you have some respect for the person and are ready to spend one hour of your time and Rs.100 for that person, then you can do it for the sake of that person, if not for the advantages that were proposed.

If someone is asking you to take a tablet that is made up of chemicals, then we won't know what can happen by taking that, and we can ask whether it is scientifically proven or not. But, if someone is asking you to prepare something by using the materials that are available in your kitchen (Which you bought for your consumption in different food items), and asks you to prepare in some way to recover from a specific disease, what is the harm in trying it? Why do you need scientific proof?

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