Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Idiotic Decision by Modi

Introducing 33% reservations for women is the most idiotic decision by Modi.

Already, our democracy was in bad shape. With these kinds of policies, democracy is on its deathbed.

Already, local elections in many states have become a mockery of democracy. Once the reservations are finalized, in many villages, there will be only a handful of people who can even contest in the elections. Among those few, some may choose to contest, and people will have to vote for one of them. Our ineffective leaders will present this as democracy, similar to how China and North Korea do.

In North Korea and China also, people vote, but the voting process is different. In North Korea, there is only one candidate, and people have to vote for that candidate, who is then elected.

I fear we are heading in that direction.

Modi often criticizes Nehru for many things. Even though Nehru did not develop the economy, he built the institutions, especially democracy, which is why India is still united and hasn't fragmented.

Modi's behavior seems like temporary development and permanent destruction.

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