Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Next Version of ChatGPT

Previously, people used to comment about me that, if anyone asks me one question, I ask them back 10 questions before answering their question. 

Even if I get a simple question like, "How to go to Guindy Bus stop" from anyone at Guindy Railway Station, I do not answer without asking a question to that person. 

The reason I ask questions for any question is, I would prefer to give an efficient answer or solution for their problem. A question may have multiple solutions, but, we have to pick one good solution based on the circumstances and others. If I know all the related things about that question, then I can pinpoint one accurate solution that is most suited for that situation.

I would like, if ChatGPT can do the same way. If I ask an abstract question, it assumes many things and tries to give some solution. But, it should ask questions about that problem to get the exact situation, and based on the detailed problem, it should give appropriate solution. 

[Guindy is a pretty big area in Chennai. It has three bus stops on three sides of the railway station. If anyone asks "How to go to Guindy Bus stop", one should ask their next destination from Guindy Bus Stop, and redirect to the appropriate bus stop out of the three. If anyone points them to a random bus stop, and if that is not the correct bus stop, one may have to walk half a kilometer to the other bus stop. There were a few times when I got irritated with others, when they interrupted my questions, and gave a random answer to the people.]

[Nowadays, people are not commenting me much, may be due to either Respect or Fear or both. But, my attitude of asking questions did not change.]

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