Saturday, February 01, 2020

To all the protesters of the CAA

To all the protesters of the CAA,

I appreciate your fight against the one time discrimination of non-Indians in the name of religion.

Can you also please fight for Indians who have been discriminated by the government based on caste, religion, region and many others since Independence with no plan to end the discrimination even in far future?

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Suggestions given to Finance Minister for 2020-21 Budget

I gave the following suggestions to the Finance Minister for the Budget 2020-21. You can also give suggestions from

I suggest to link income tax slabs and exemptions with inflation.

The income tax slabs have not been increased in proportion to the inflation for a long time. Please link with inflation, so that it would be fair to the people.

Section 80C also has not been increased for a long time. Please link that also to the inflation.

The limit of the food allowance that a company can provide to its employees is set to Rs.50. That was decided more than a decade back and it was not revised till now. You might be knowing that with Rs.50, you cannot get a meal in any decent hotel. Please revise that and link that also with inflation.

Few suggestions on the Indian railways.

Open premium tatkal an hour before the tatkal and make them available at the highest price. The tickets that are not sold can be made available as usual after the tatkal opening. You can include normal tatkal tickets also in the premium tatkal when it is opened an hour before.

Provide waiting list for the premium tatkal at the highest price. If there is any cancellation, first clear the premium tatkal.

By this, during peak time, Indian railways can get Maximum revenue and also those who can afford can travel. As of now, it is becoming pure luck for everyone who is trying for tatkal.

Provide some refund to the cancellation of the confirmed tatkal tickets. Now, there is no refund for the cancellation of the confirmed tatkal tickets, and there is no incentive for the people to cancel them, when they are not going to travel. If we provide small incentive to cancel the ticket, then we can confirm another ticket and railways would get money for that. If you return only 20-30% of the ticket price for confirmed tatkal, it would generate lot of money.

Since, IRCTC is no longer completely owned by Indian Railways/Government any more, it is better to give licensing to multiple private players for booking tickets online with some license fees. With that, Government can get significant money, and also, it is fair from the government's perspective to treat all non-government organizations equally. Now, it is unfairly giving full license to one non-government organization (IRCTC).

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Act vs Implementation

Whenever some major incident happens, Government introduces another act and everyone hails the government for that. Life goes on as usual (without much change).

For the recent problems that media is highlighting (Rape and Murder), we don't need another act. We already have too many stringent laws/acts. What we need is efficient implementation.

Before one criticizes police for not acting immediately, we have to see whether police have enough time to deal with all the cases. Most of the time, they are severely under staffed and had to work overtime. Government should increase the no.of police significantly.

The no.of cases is too huge in any court. Government should increase the no.of courts/judges so that, the cases can be closed sooner.

In the recent Disa act introduced by AP Government, if the government tries to solve the case in 30 days, then most of the time, there won't be any punishment, since, to prove someone beyond reasonable doubt requires significant evidence collection and that would take quite some time. When police is under-staffed, they cannot get complete evidence in such less time. When police take more time, it becomes like how it is now (no change).

Without increasing the police/courts/judges and other infrastructure related issues, if the government tries to solve the problems with yet another act, it won't be possible. If they try to solve without increasing the infrastructure, it would cause increase in other types of crimes.

Many times, the real solution is always dull and not exciting.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

KCR - Giving Importance to People over Government Organizations

Irrespective of how much I dislike KCR personally, I would like to appreciate him for giving importance to People over Government Organizations.

Many Government Organizations behave as if, people are there to serve them. Whenever they threaten for something for their self-motive, the leaders used to bow to those government organizations/unions and do whatever they say irrespective of how much loss it is to the state. They give reasoning that, if they do strike, it is going to hurt people.

But, KCR is not doing like what other leaders did. He is allowing privatization, in case Government organization does not serve people. Other leaders should follow him in keeping people's interests above the government organizations' interest.

Friday, October 04, 2019

IRCTC IPO is Worse than 2G and Coal Scams

For 2G, there was no monopoly. There were many existing players. Government had given few new licenses to private players by using some loopholes, so that, the people in power get some money. That was treated like the biggest scam of this century.

Government gave part of the spectrum to their favorite organizations, and it was considered as the scam of the century. If it gives full spectrum to one favorite organization, how big that scam would be?

The same thing is happening to IRCTC. Online ticket booking is given to just one non-government organization, IRCTC. This is the biggest stupid thing done by Modi after Demonitization.

Already, IRCTC is behaving like a dicator, and treats its consumers as its servants. When government loses control, I don't know how worse it can become.

The fair thing that government should do is, it should allow any organization to sell tickets online. For any reason, if it wants to give it to a single organization, then it should select an organization by fair and open process, and select suitable organization every year.

When the government makes the process fair, all those who are buying shares in IRCTC, would lose miserably.