Sunday, March 28, 2021

Taxing in Retrospective

The difference between Mafia and the Government is, whatever Mafia does is illegal and whatever the Government does is legal. Whether the activity is ethical/unethical or fair/unfair does not matter.

It is unethical to change some law in retrospective and penalizing the other party for the old transactions. 

When a law is introduced, people would act based on the clauses in the law. Once the transaction is completed, if the Government goes back in time and changes the law that negatively impacts the other party is absolutely unfair. 

Pranab Mukherjee introduced a draconian law that taxed many organizations in retrospective. By that law, all the old transactions are revisited and many organizations were asked to pay extra tax. His response to that law was, if the law was that bad, why the next Government did not change it. The implicit assumption was, the next Government is better than his Government (atleast in Taxation and related fields). 

Eventhough International Court and the courts of 9 other countries have stricken off (specific instances), Indian Government still did not learn and is continuing with unethical laws and harassing others. 

Sunday, March 07, 2021

Soft Copies of Books by Dr.Manthena Satyanarayana Raju

All the books of Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju are available at and all of them can be downloaded for free in different formats like PDF (for both mobile and desktop), EPub and Mobi (for Kindle). They can also be read directly on the site as well as from Google Play Books.

I would like to thank Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju garu for giving permission to convert all the books to soft copies and distributing it for free. As soon as I told him that, I would like to convert to soft copies, he immediately said, it is good and useful to everyone. He was only worried about the amount of work involved in converting all his books to softcopies. 

[On a different note, when the same suggestion is taken to another Non-Profit Organization which is supposed to work only on spreading their ideology, they did not accept it and they said, they would lose revenue on the books, if they do that.]

Many people have worked in converting these books to soft copies. Eventhough, for the namesake, I paid some token money, if any communist/socialist comes to know the amount that I paid and the work they did, they would use me as a great example of exploitation of capitalism. 

I would like to thank the following people for their contribution in converting these books.

Anusha Chillapalli

Divya Gantela 

Manasa Chillapalli

Gayathri Ram Bavireddy

Lakshmi Vijaya Nadimpalli

Viswanatha Varma

Ramaa Pulaparthi

Sravya Sri Rama Dalli

Akella Durga



Jaya Bharathi

Alekhya Goli

Ashwini Akurathi

Prudhvee Narasimha Goli

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Severe Punishment to the Decision Makers of IRCTC and Indian Railways

I donated Rs.1000 to Lord Krishna to give severe punishment to the decision makers of IRCTC and Indian Railways.

What I would prefer is, all of them should go to hell very soon and get all the punishments mentioned in the Garuda Puranam. But, I would let Lord Krishna decide appropriate punishment for them.

My accounts are blocked by IRCTC. 

When I raised the request, their reply was, I was hitting enormously and using auto-fill scripts.

I replied to them saying, in the last 9 months, I hardly used IRCTC accounts and no need to talk about hitting enormously or using auto-fill scripts. 

Then, they replied saying, my account is used for commercial purposes. 

I replied saying that I never booked even a single ticket in the last 9 months. When there is not even a single booking, what do they mean by using it for commercial purposes.

When I complained in RailMadAd, initially, they gave the same reason as the account was used for commercial purposes. After I refuted that, they gave the reason that my profile had junk values and I needed to submit my id card. 

I know that my profile does not have any junk values. Still, I submitted my id card. 

They closed the ticket saying, IRCTC is going to resolve it, and IRCTC did not resolve it. 

Their explanation was like, they wanted to block my account and inventing reasons to block it rather than checking whether they blocked with a valid reason or not. 

Even if I had done what they claimed that I did, if it was a private organization [without government support], they would have handled it a lot differently. 

For the issue with hitting enormously, one can have a limit of the no.of requests for a duration, and once the user reaches that limit, they will not be able to make any requests till that duration.

IRCTC is the only organization in the whole world, which says, "Auto-Fill scripts" is a software and used for hacking. 

When the organization does not want people to use it for commercial purposes, they limit the no.of bookings they make. IRCTC is already limiting the no.of bookings to 6/month. With 6 tickets per month, what commercial activities can one person do? Before Corona, I used to travel more than 10 times in a month, and when even 10 tickets were not enough for me, they put the limit of 6 tickets and even in that, they are saying, I am using it for commercial purposes.

If the profile has junk values, a typical private organization will force to fix the profile before proceeding. But, IRCTC just disables the account with no way to fix it.

I very rarely ask God to punish someone. Most of the time, I just leave them and wish Karma to take care of them. But, after a very long time, I am explicitly praying to God to punish someone. 

I wish all the decision makers of IRCTC and Indian Railways are severely punished in hell very soon for harassing me. I prefer them to get all the punishments that are mentioned in Garuda Puranam. But, I let Lord Krishna decide what to do with them.

Saturday, January 09, 2021

Politicians - Converting Black Money to White Money

If you are paying tax and if you know any politician who wants to convert black money to white money for his/her political party, by helping them, you can reduce your tax burden.

You can take the cash from the politician (upto 10% of your gross salary), and transfer the equivalent money to that political party's account as a donation. With that donation, you can claim 100% tax deduction. That money is going to be white money for the political party. 

I used to wonder why people are donating to a few corrupted parties. Later I realized that it is very easy for the politicians to find people who are looking for tax exemption, and with their help they can get white money as a donation to their political party. 

Saturday, January 02, 2021

SEBI - Flexi Cap with old definition of Multi Cap

Few months back, I wrote criticizing SEBI for restricting Multi Cap Mutual Funds.

Recently, SEBI introduced new type of Mutual Fund, "Flexi Cap". The definition of "Flexi Cap" is same as old "Multi Cap".

They could have left the Multi Cap as it is, and created a new fund with the present definition of Multi Cap.

Instead they changed the definition of Multi Cap, and (after the industry cried over it) they created a Flexi Cap with the old definition of Multi Cap.