Thursday, October 18, 2007

Love Marriages

If you have read any telugu news paper today, or watched any telugu channel in the last 24 hours, you must have heard this news.

Megastar Chiranjeevi's second and youngest daughter Srija (19) married Sirish Bharadwaj (22) secretly in Arya Samaj temple in Hyderabad. Srija says that, she has been in love with Sirish for the last four years, and her family does not like this. So, they stopped her education also. That's why she married him without the consent of their parents.

Allu Aravind told media that, she told about him only few days back, and they are still discussing about that, and she suddenly did like this.

As a person who just reads/watches the news in websites/news papers/TV Channels, we cannot comment on what is correct and what is wrong, because there are many things that are internal to them which lead to this, and we don't know about those.

I am not talking about specific to Chiranjeevi, but, in general parents. If something is bad, but inevitable, then probably going ahead with that bad in a better manner is a good option rather than making it very worse. In this specific case, if she had married him in a traditional way similar to any other marriage of any big personality's daughter, it would have been a news as a celebration. Now, it is a news in other way. If they had married traditionally, nobody would have bothered about what the bridegroom is doing, how much wealth he has etc. But, now, everyone cares about every damn thing.

I think the main reason for this type of marriages is, parents take it for granted that, their daughter will not do like this. Even after hearing news like this, still the orthodox parents say that, my daughter will not do like this, because, we are not like that big personality, and we are taking care of our daughter very well etc, and they will tell like this till their daughter does like this. That is the generation gap.

Let's hope all the parents take care of their daughters very well, and do things needful so that, nobody would be unhappy at the end.

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