Friday, October 26, 2007

Surprise gift

How do you define a gift as surprise? Atleast, I define it as follows.
If I receive any gift from some one, or at some time when I did not expect. Even if I am expecting some gift, but, if I get one which is very valuable to me (not necessarily in terms of expense) than I had expected.

If somebody says, they would give me a gift, I expect a normal gift. But, if they say, they would give me a surprise gift, I would expect a bigger gift. But, if they give me a gift, when I don't expect, then it would be a surprise gift.

It seems Chief Minister of Jarkhand, Madhu Koda does not even know these basic things. When Dhoni's team won the Twenty 20 world cup, he announced the very first "Jarkhand Rathna" award to Dhoni, and he also told that he would give a surprise gift to Dhoni when he comes to Jarkhand. When Dhoni came to Jarkhand, he presented one luxury car to Dhoni (as surprise gift). Is this a surprise? Atleast, for me, it was very very below expectation.

He announced the very first "Jarkhand Rathna" to Dhoni, and he told that he would give a surprise gift to him. Giving the very first "Jarkhand Rathna" is very big gift, and it is a surprise gift. If he is saying, he would give another surprise gift to him, the expectations would be much much higher. But, he gave just a luxury car as the gift. I agree, that car is very expensive. But, cannot Dhoni buy that himself? He is paying Rs.4 crore as Income tax this year. Cannot he buy one car like that? He can easily get one without any problem. But, He cannot get the very first "Jarkhand Rathna" that much easily. That Award is really a surprise gift. If he had announced car immediately after winning the match, and announced "Jarkhand Rathna" as the surprise gift, it would have been really surprise. But, he did the other way.

By the way, Is there anything that the CM can give bigger than "Jarkhand Rathna" to Dhoni? I doubt it.

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