Friday, December 14, 2007

New and good feature in Orkut

Orkut has added a new feature, "find gmail contacts on orkut". This is really a nice feature, and I have been waiting for this kind of feature for a long time. At last, they are adding good features because of the competition from facebook and others. I hope they will continue to add good features like this.

The feature name is obvious, and I don't need to explain anything in that. One thing they missed in this is, It will show all the people who are in orkut, but not your friends. But, it does not show the email id for the corresponding profile. If the person does not use their name in the orkut profile, then it becomes very difficult to find out who is that person. If they give mapping of mail id to the orkut profile, it would be really good.

By the way, I added 23 friends by this feature (even though I had 323 friends in orkut). :)

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