Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sharing in google reader

Google added another good feature to google reader. You can now share items in google reader with everyone. If you just open, you would see all the items that I shared. The feed for my shared items is

Many times, I copied and pasted interesting articles into my blog from some other place, so that readers of my blog would read that. With this shared items, I don't need to do that. But, users of my blog have to subscribe to my shared items as well.

Eventhough I have more than 800 contacts in my contact list, only 18 people are using google reader, and only one person (XP) is sharing his google reader items. Even then, I got so much information from his shared items. So, all of you please start sharing your items, and either give me the link, or accept me as a friend in google.

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