Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The name is Rajinikanth

The book, "The Name is Rajinikanth" by Dr.Gayatri Srikanth was released on March 6th 2008. On 30th March 2008, I went to big bazar and saw this book. I was not that much interested in buying/reading that book. I just wanted to see few pages. I opened the first page. After reading first few lines, I got interest to read the first two pages. After reading the first two pages, I bought the book. :) Within a week, I finished reading the entire book.

The first two pages of that book was

Hi readers,
Before you get into the world of Rajinikanth, I have a small exercise for you. You need a pen and an analytical mind to answer ten simple questions. It is easy really. There is only one rule for this activity. The answer has to be spontaneous. And yes, the answer should not be Rajinikanth.

Pen Ready? All set?


Question time.

1. How many superstars do you know who sleep on the floor, minus air conditioners, pillows, bed, comfortable cushiony bed sheets?

2. How many stars do you know who come out with a white beard, bald head, sans make up, sporting just a cotton kurta, even for an international function?

3. How many superstars do you know who refuse luxury caravans and five star hotels and prefer to stay in a basic lodge along with the film unit?

4. How many superstars do you know who help the poor and needy with a little more than what is required and yet do not publicize it one bit?

5. How many superstars do you know who don't care/bother about payment and are content with just Rs.1001 as token advance? (Sub question 1: How many superstars do you know who are not in the habit of carrying wallet with wads of cash/credit/debit cards and cell phones)?

6. How many superstars do you know who despite multi crore offers refuse to endorse brands? (Ok, if any of you give Kamal Haasan as an answer, you get an extra point)?

7. How many superstars do you know who hate adulation and shy away from limelight and publicity as if they are burdenous packages? (Sub question 2: How many superstars do you know who are happy with a good old Ambassador car, with no automated windows and hi-tech central locks?)

8. How many superstars do you know who have zero ego and zero attitude, and love having their snacks and tea at the roadside shop and dhabas just like any of us?

9. How many superstars do you know who call a spade a spade and has it in him to own up his vices, habits and weaknesses and lead a transparent, open life?

10. How many superstars do you know who refuse to lie under any circumstance, do not cheat others and are generous in praising their co-stars all the while giving them enough and more space on screen, demanding an equal footage to the others?

How is it that everything is still blank? Interesting isn't it? Now fill it all with one name: Rajinikanth.

Most of the authors present mainly about the positive points about the person, and very few negative points about them. But, in this case, more than 50% of the book describes the negative points of Rajinkanth in detail, and positive points are covered similar to bullet points in one or two lines.

The book is more biased towards Tamil industry, and Tamilnadu. Everywhere, the author stresses very much that Rajinikanth is a Tamilian. I cannot understand how is he a tamilian. He is a Maharashtrian, born and brought up in Karnataka, acted in many movies in Tamil, Telugu, and in many other languages. For a long time, he has not been acting in a single language. The movies are made in atleast 3 languages at the same time and released in multiple states/countries on the same day. Of course, if we have to take the last movie that was released only in one language, that would be in Telugu (Movie : Pedarayudu). Is he a tamilian, just because, he is staying in Tamilnadu, and his initial movies are in Tamil? If that is the case, then andhra will lose more than half of the cine people. Till early 90's all the telugu cinema actors, technicians used to stay in chennai only. Telugu heros did not act in that many tamil movies. But, Singers, music directors, character artists are into both telugu and tamil movies, and they got good name in Tamil as well. So, with the logic of author, will tamilians say that all these people are Tamilians?

This is not to start another war on Tamil Vs Telugu or anything. What I wanted to say is, great people like Rajinikanth, Kamal Hasan, S.P.Bala Subrahmanyam are beyond one state. They have contributed a lot in multiple languages. I don't like to say that, they just belong to one state, and are separate from other states.

The author did not mention anything about Relationship of Rajinikanth with Telugu industry. If she had mentioned about telugu industry also, then there will be one more state in his name (after Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu).

The author mentioned that there is only one movie with the Hero's name. That is Anbulla Rajinikanth starring Rajinikanth. But, in early 80's, there was a movie chiranjeevi (in telugu) with chiranjeevi as the hero.

Overall, I don't recommend others to read the book, mainly because of the negative points about Rajinikanth. People may lose respect for him after reading that book. I don't know why Rajinikanth, Kamal Hasan, and Karunanidhi wrote positive reviews about the book.


  1. Hey, Is this book endorsed by Rajini? May be this question sounds weird. But I hardly know of any national magazines that carried a review for this book. My knowledge about it comes description Indiaplza and Flipkart has for this book.

    Your post presents interesting, but incredible points about Rajini. Had the author mentioned what inspired or prompted her to write this book?

  2. There are compliments to the author at the end of the book by Rajinikanth, Kamal Hasan, and Karunanidhi.

    The author did not mention any particular reason to write this book. She just wanted to write a book on a big personality, and chosen Rajinikanth.

    I hardly see any book reviews in the news that I read (eenadu, ibnlive, indiatimes feeds) except very controversial books like "My Country My Life".

  3. i found this informative. i was eager to know how the book was. i got my answer. thanks.

  4. Thanks for the information earlier i thought this book was written by anthracite itself but after checking details i knew that the book is written by tGayathri Sreekanh.