Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Examination Questions

1. What did Rahul Gandhi eat for lunch?
a. Dal, Puri, and Sabji
b. Pizza
c. Rice and Sabji
d. Dosa

2. Whose dog went missing?
a. Commissioner
b. Cabinet Secretary
c. DGP
d. IG

3. From what disease Amithabh was suffering?
a. Fever and Cold
b. Stomach pain
c. Headache
d. Ear Pain

And the real Examination Question

4. To which city is the Arushi murder case related to?
a. Delhi
b. Sahibabad
c. Ghaziabad
d. Noida

The great Vice-Chancellor of UP Rajshri Tandon Open University, Kedar Nath Singh Yadav says, "Arushi case is all over in the media. We wanted to test the general awareness and IQ of the students."

Not only Arushi case, but also what Rahul Gandhi ate for lunch, Missing Dog, and Disease of Amitabh, are in the news. Many channels covered about all those in detail. So, we can ask those questions also to find out whether the students have General Awareness or not.

For those who do not know the questions for the first three questions, the following screenshots would be helpful. (Unfortunately, they are in Hindi).

Thanks to Naveen Dixit for telling me the English translation.

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