Friday, June 13, 2008

Open source development

Location : Meeting Room in my office.
Actors :
MM - My Manager's Manager.
M - My Manager
T - My Teammate

MM : Our director is saying that, we should develop our projects similar to open source projects. If you come up with a good feature, just go and implement it. You don't need to to be on that project to do it.
T : Is there any open source project which does like that?
M : All are like that only. Linux is a good example.
T : But, Linux kernel is small.
M : It is not just Linux kernel. Entire Linux OS is developed like that.
T : But, there is an organization which does that.
M : No. There is no organization which develops Linux. Volunteers from all over the world develop it.
T : That's why Linux is not stable.
M : NO. Linux is very stable. In fact, it is more stable than Windows.

Then, My Manager's Manager stopped the discussion.

Eventhough, I knew these for a long time, still this is a real eye-opener for me. For a long time, I was thinking of joining a company which develops open source software with reasonably good pay. But, after this meeting, I realized that, I was thinking in the wrong direction.

If anybody can guide me to develop any open source project, I am more than happy to get guidance.


  1. try joining any product company... most of them heavily rely on open source...
    or mail me your resume and i will try to connect you to some

  2. Most of the product based companies use open source projects. But, they do not develop open source projects. To develop open source projects, either one has to do in the free time or join a company which develops open source projects. If I do in my free time, then all the companies are same for me. The companies which develop open source projects do not pay well.

  3. I agree that open source companies don't have comparable salaries with others. And we know the reasons behind this.
    It may be worth going through this list (although 2 years old):