Monday, October 27, 2008

Operation Duryodhana - Movie

After a long time, I have seen one good movie about politics. Till now, all the movies that dealt with politics, shown that, politicians are very bad, and hero comes and changes many things. But, this movie dealt with the role of the voter. Most of the voters do not vote for a good person, and then cribs that, the system is bad. There are many good people who are in politics, and want to change the system. But, most of the voters do not vote for them giving reasons like,

  • Others will not vote for them
  • They will not win, even if I vote for them
  • They cannot win, because they are not spending money
  • Even if they win, they cannot change the system. Because politics is like that

They give all these reasons, and then they vote for one corrupted person. And, they get corrupted system. We get what we deserve.

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