Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why Software Projects Are Failing?

Project Manager: We got one big project. The customer is asking to develop that project in the latest technology XYZ. XYZ is a cool new technology, by which we can develop the applications very easily.

Tech Lead: I agree that XYZ is a good and cool technology. But, none of our team members have enough experience in this technology. It will take significant time for us to learn the new technology, and doing the implementation. Instead, Let's suggest the customer that, we will develop the same application for the same cost in the same time, but, with the standard old technologies.

Project Manager: If you agree that XYZ is a good and cool technology, why do you want to develop in the old technologies? If it is a good technology, it should take less time than developing the old technology. Are you saying that, you cannot learn that new technology? Or your team cannot learn it? Should I put a new requirement that, only who pass the certification for XYZ technology will get a promotion or salary hike?

Tech Lead: We can learn that new technology. But, if we want to develop a production application, then we need to have good depth in it. It will not be easy to develop an application of production quality, unless one expert is there in the team, and guides the entire project.

Project Manager: Shall I ask Mr.AdvXYZ, who is an expert in XYZ to advise you on this?

Tech Lead: We will not get that much by the advise of Mr.AdvXYZ. If you can make him as the tech lead or the developer of this project, then we can do this very well. Advisory role will not be of that much help.

Project Manager: I never thought, you are this much dumb.

Tech Lead: ..........

Project Manager: We are going with this new technology. If you want to do this, you can do it. Otherwise, you always have options. (to leave the company)

Tech Lead: I will do this project.

At the end of the project

The project takes double the time and cost.
Customer is unsatisfied with the project.
The Tech Lead becomes master of yet another technology.
The Project Manager is happy that, he has a team which has experience in the new technology.

After few days

In some other team, exactly the same discussion takes place. The only difference is, the Project Manager of that team refers to the above Tech Lead instead of Mr.AdvXYZ.

After a year or two

In the old team, the Project Manager changes, and the same story repeats. The only difference is, instead of the standard old technology XYZ, this new Project Manager wants to use good and new Technology ABC.

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