Friday, March 13, 2009


It is very hard to define how does a good manager work and a bad manager work. A good manager creates a very good environment, so that the team members can be more productive, and they work towards reaching the vision. The definition of a good environment varies a lot from domain to domain, and it is hard to explain it. One can really understand the difference of a good manager only after working with a very good manager and then immediately working with a very bad manager. For the same project, a good manager can make the work exciting, and a bad manager can make it miserable.

Many people criticize Dhoni for getting all the credit of winning many matches. But, they cannot explain why India did not win that many matches, when we had the best team (on paper).

There is a lot that is done by a leader to lead the team. Most of them are obvious and straight forward. But, the problem is, most of them are not doing those obvious things. So, it is becoming hard to see a good manager.

The best manager I have worked with, in my present company Sunitha Gorty is moving out of my team, and today is her last day in my team. I miss her a lot.

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