Monday, March 30, 2009

No Good Writers in Sakshi

Sakshi is a telugu news paper started by Y.Jagan Mohan Reddy, S/O. Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. It is said that, Sakshi is incurring a loss of Rs.1 Crore per day. Y.S.R's family started this mainly to give publicity to Congress government. Eventhough they are spending crores of rupees for their news paper, unfortunately they could not hire good writers and research people. Because of that, one can clearly say that, they are writing only junk.

Few days back, Cine actor Krishnam Raju joined Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) (founded by Chiranjeevi). Previously, he was in BJP, and worked as a Central Minister in Vajpayee's cabinet. While joining PRP, he said that, he wants to contribute to the state. Since he could not contribute anything before, he joined PRP.

For this news, Sakshi wrote the following.

The author has sympathy on Krishnam Raju. After staying for few years in BJP, and worked as a minister, now he joined in PRP. It is a different question, whether he gets the ticket or not, and whether he wins or not. But, as a central minister he did not do anything for either Andhra or Telangana. He did not even do anything for Cinema industry. Initially, there were rumours that, he would join Congress. Then, there were rumours that he would join TDP. Finally, he joined in PRP. Actually, the leaders of the parties that get defeated, or the leaders who may be defeated are joining in PRP. Why is Chiranjeevi believing all these people? How will he bring the change by those leaders?

For a long time, I was not impressed with the logic of Sakshi in many articles. After reading this, I realized that, they don't even have basic knowledge on politics. While trying to make others fools, they are becoming fools.

If I were to criticize Krishnam Raju, I would write in the following way.

Krishnam Raju has been in BJP for a long time. He was always given very high importance in his party. He was made as a central minister in Vajpayee's cabinet. In this elections, his ticket was also confirmed. Even L.K.Advani talked to him around a month back and confirmed that he would get the ticket from the same constituency that he has been contesting for the last 10 years. He was never neglected by the party. Even then, he left the party and joined PRP giving very silly reason. He said, he could not do anything for the state by staying in BJP. This is a stupid reason. Eventhough BJP is not very strong in Andhra Pradesh, still he became MP from BJP ticket, and served as a central minister in Vajpayee's Cabinet. If he did not do anything for the state by being a central minister from a national party, how can he do by joining in PRP, which is a regional party? He came to a very good state because of BJP, and now ignoring it is very bad on his part.

I cannot rule out the possibility of PRP giving support to BJP in the center. For obvious reasons, PRP will not give support to Congress. It does not like to share power with TDP. So, if it has to give support to some party, the only party that it can give is BJP. Giving external support to Third front may be another option. But, from the state politics perspective, they will be in better position, if the give support to BJP rather than third front. I cannot rule out that, joining Krishnam Raju in PRP is the first step in the post-poll alliance with BJP.


  1. Dear Satish,

    I do agree completely with your comments on Sakshi but doesn't agree with your statements on PRP. By the way Krishnam raju came to power not because of BJP but because of TDP and also because of his own cine glamour. Even though the cine glamour will never make a candidate win the elections, let us see how the elections in Rajamundry will turn out where fight is on between Murali Mohan (TDP) VS Krishnam raju (PRP) VS E Undavalli Arun Kumar (INC).

    I also don't think that PRP will gain many Loksabha constituencies enabling it to support BJP. PRP may win not more than 3 parliament constituencies at any cost in the present political scenario. Even though it is too immature to speak of alliance between PRP and BJP, Allu arvind & Chiranjeevi seems to do anything for money.

  2. Hi Satish,

    How is the situation of various parties in Mangalgiri. Which party is TDP supporting? Can you predict who can win the election? Please don't say it will be Loksatta as you are aware of the current ground reality. Loksatta can not win the elections but only can effectively split the votes of TDP to a major extent when compared to the other political parties.

    Best regards

    Look forward to hear at the earliest.

  3. CPI is contesting in Mangalagiri. I cannot predict the winner in any election, and I don't want to predict also.

    After seeing everything in the last few days, I agree that, we cannot predict anything for PRP.

  4. Mangalagiri.. Congress for sure...