Thursday, April 09, 2009

Windows Sucks

Till Windows XP, Microsoft has been adding features to the operating system irrespective of whether a common user needs it or not. Since Windows Vista, they started removing features or moving from one place to another place, and they claim that, typical user do not need those advanced features. For each upgrade, the user has to spend $4,000 to $20,000 extra.

These are the very few frustrated experiences that I faced while using Windows 2008. For obvious reasons, I cannot write all the frustrated experiences. (Because, if I have to write all, I should write a book, and not an article.)

Windows XP: To change an associated application with a file type, we can go to Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types, and can change the associated application. We can give our own parameters while opening the application.

Windows 2008: One has to go to Control Panel -> Default Programs -> Set Associations. But, in this case, we cannot pass our own parameters while opening the application.

Windows XP: In Explorer, If we want to increase the size of any column, we just need to drag the separator, and you don't need to exactly put the mouse on the separator. Even if you put little before or after, still it works.

Windows 2008: It will really test your precision capability. If you are a good gamer, then probably, you will not find any difference. Otherwise, you will have good time. It checks for absolute precision on the separator, and if you miss it even by few pixels, the column would be moved to different location, and the size will not increase/decrease.

Windows XP: In explorer, in the left window, all the sub-folders are separated with enough spacing. Incase of many nested sub-folders, there is horizontal scroll bar to view it.

Windows 2008: Microsoft may wanted to save some space, and reduced the spacing between the parent folder and it's sub folder. In case of many nested folders, it would become very difficult to use. Not only that, there is no horizontal scroll bar. If you have many nested folders, You would be forced to increase the size of the left window. Otherwise, you will have real fun.

Windows XP: To search for any file, you can select the folder in which you want to search, Right Click -> Search will give the search window. There you can search, and in the search results, it shows the folder name like C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\GLOBAL.

Windows 2008: You have to search in the search box. You don't have control on the folder in which you want to search. (Atleast no direct option. Probably at 100 levels deep, there an option may be available). Once you get the search result, they will show the folder name very intelligently. Like Global (C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE)

They changed everything from one place to another, making a typical software engineer to search in google for each and every small thing, or take quite some time to search where the new feature is.

For example, to uninstall any application, in Windows XP, one has to go to Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs. In Windows 2008, one has to go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features, and not Control Panel -> Default Programs.

Microsoft follows If You Don't Change the UI, Nobody Notices, and changes UI everytime they do some change, and make users frustrated.

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