Friday, April 24, 2009

Wipro asks employees to work 2 days a week

Wipro came up with a scheme, Project Enrich for employees who are on bench. It gives an alternative to the employees, by which, they can come to work for 10 days a month, and get pay that is 50 percent of their cost to company (CTC). They will be absorbed back into projects once deployment opportunities come up. The scheme has already enrolled 1000 of their employees.

The company has also introduced Project Rejuvenate, which is though primarily aimed at benched staff, will also be open to some senior employees. The scheme will allow them to take a leave for one to one-and-a-half years, while they will be offered 25 percent of their CTC. Currently, the company has 10-12 percent of overall employees in the bench which will surge as it plans to recruit more 6,000 employees. "They are good resources and we don't want to lose them. We don't want to do anything drastic as well," said Pratik Kumar, Head of Human Resources (HR) at Wipro.

Source: Silicon India

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