Saturday, July 11, 2009

Twitter Reply Messages

Initially, I could not understand the advantage of twitter. I could not understand the difference between twitter and any other blog, except that twitter allows only small messages, and it is fast. I use only google reader to read anything except Eenadu. I read even twitter messages from google reader. So, it took me a long time to understand the difference between twitter and google reader.

Later, I realized that, using twitter for my gmail status is better, and I also started using my account

One bad thing about twitter is, the reply messages. There is nothing like discussion on a topic at one place. Person A says something in his/her account. Few friends of A reply to that message in their account. Let's call this friends as Set B. Let's assume B do not have any common friends with A. Now, all the friends of B have to read a message which they cannot understand. Now, A replies to those messages, and all the friends of A have to read which they cannot understand. This continues and they make a big conversation using twitter.

Of course, this can be considered as incorrect use of twitter. But, if I cannot understand 70% of the messages, then what is the use of using twitter in the first place? Is it Just for reading the remaining 30% messages??

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