Friday, July 03, 2009

What does it take to Convince a Manager?

What does it take to convince a manager that Flight is better than Bullock Cart?

10 Presentations over 20 days each with 25 slides and each presentation is accompanied by 50 pages documentation.

If a manager asks how do you go by flight from here to your home in Mumbai, then most of the people tend to give answer like this.

  • Get a taxi to airport
  • Take a ticket to Mumbai and board the flight.
  • Get down at Mumbai airport and take another taxi to home.

But, if anyone answers like this, then the Manager would give the following feedback.

Where is the doc for procedure to go to mumbai? Is this the doc? How can you expect me to have these three points as the doc? How can you expect me to give this to others? This document is not usable. You have to learn writing proper documentation. You should not be like this. You should learn process. Let me talk to your Career Advisor.

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