Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sibals's Comments on Hindi

After Sibal said, hindi should be taught in all the schools, all the old posts related to hindi became active again.

Few snippets from other's blogs:

Nita - The language Problem

Please understand that no race should dominate the other. I wonder if you know that if Hindi takes over, the regional language dies – as it happened to the regional language of Punjab – Gurumukhi. On the other hand, if you keep English, our regional languages and culture will thrive. In any case English is the language of the world.

Do people from Tamil Nadu say that North Indians should speak Tamil? So why do North Indians say that Tamilians should speak Hindi? I am afraid domination like this never works. North Indians are not our rulers. They are one of us. You are one of us. We are one country. We have to respect each other’s religions, languages and culture.

Balaji - North is North. South is South. Shall the twain ever meet?

In my view imposition of Hindi is likely to influence a non-Hindi speaking state’s culture so much so that in a few years it may have far reaching consequences. Why force somebody to learn a language not their own? If need be, they would volunteer for learning.

Didn’t our history books carry this statement: Unity in diversity. Let’s recollect it when we feel the urge to see a homogenized India.

Balaji -

Does Sibal understand India is a heterogeneous culture? Not majority of states have Hindi as their state lang.? Or is he concerned that those flocking from Hindi heartland to non Hindi speaking states have hard time communicating in Hindi?

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