Sunday, September 06, 2009

Is it Legal or Illegal?

There is a small village and it does not have proper public transport. A private person/organization provided bus transport to that area after paying the road tax.

In a big city, all the buses are very crowded. There are many people waiting for the bus, and no bus is available for boarding. At this time, a private bus driver with empty bus is going in the same route and took the passengers by that bus.

Both the above are Illegal. Only A.P.S.R.T.C. can provide public transport in 99% of the roads in A.P. It is illegal for anybody to provide the public transport on those roads. In the remaining 1% of the routes, one can provide only after paying hefty amount for permits.

There is one remote area, which do not have school facility for 6th class and above. One educated person in that area started a small school in his rented house for 6th class.

It is illegal. To start any school for 6th class and above, they must register. Registering a school requires the school to have a play ground, stairs with 10 feet wide and should have facilities like fire extinguishers etc. If the school is not started in the own building, it should have atleast 5 years lease agreement. If a school is not registered, then the students cannot write exams from that school. The schools which are not registered, go through another registered school for exams. That is also illegal.

In most of the Engineering colleges, the lecturers do not have enough knowledge. If students have less attendance, because they did not attend the classes (Since they went to another private institute to learn the same), then they cannot write the exams. So, Few students give bribe to increase the attendance percentage.

It is illegal. The best colleges which can teach very well cannot take students as per their demand. They cannot take more no.of students than the limit set by AICTE and state government. If it wants to take more, it has to start another college, and that college should have all the facilities (enough land, no.of professors, etc.) as prescribed by AICTE and state government. The students need to have 75% of attendance to write exams. If they have 65% of attendance, and if the student lost 10% attendance because of health problems, then also they can write exams. Otherwise, they cannot write exams.

One big hero's movie is released. There are very big fans who want to see the first show on the first day. For the tickets, they paid more than the actual price.

It is illegal. Government sets the price for the tickets depending on the cinema theatre, and there are around 3 categories of cinema theatres. More than 90% of the cinema theatres are in one category. Depending on the category, they have to set the maximum price of the ticket. It is illegal to sell the tickets for more than the maximum price.

Producers produce the movie, and the budget varies from movie to movie. Cinema theatres have varied expenses depending on their management, locality, and the movies they show. Audience have varied interest for different movies. Still, all those cinema theatres have to set one fixed price that is set by government. It is illegal to sell for more price, even if they are ready to pay more tax.

In many places, government supplies power to farmers with voltage fluctuations and at odd times. Can anybody setup a small sub station and supply power without fluctuations at convenient time to others?

No. Nobody can setup a sub station for power supply unless concerned Minister or C.M. approves it. Even if the power supplied by government has fluctuations and it is supplied at odd times, still the people have to take that only. They don't have a choice.

If we list all the cases like this, we can easily write a book. So, I stop here.

Eventhough, all the participants in that event are fine with it, and nobody else is suffering by that, still according to the government, it is illegal. Government can take action against all the participants in that.

The movie Guru says almost the same thing. But, I am very doubtful, whether even 1% of the audience understood what he wanted to say or not.

Highlight of the movie was the following.

May I stand or do I need a license for that too? You say, I am against the law. Forty years ago, another man was against the law. Today, we call him Gandhi. In his time, slavery was the law. He wrote a new law... our freedom.

I am not bapu. All I know is business, and to work hard. I wanted to do business. But, the doors to business opened only for the rich. Doors made by the government can be opened either to a bribe or a kick. I did both. Where I had to kick, I kicked. Where you wanted me to salute, I saluted. And, today you ask why this man kicks so much, he salutes too much. What are you angry about? My growth or the speed of my growth? Or that I have surpassed your expectations of an ordinary villager?

I know the value of money. If there was money to be made, I made it. Not just for myself, but for my 30 lakh shareholders as well. I don't know how to play golf and I don't go to horse races. But, I am a solid player in my business. I know how to make the best quality polyester, fibre, chemicals at the cheapest price. Is that my mistake? Should I apologize?

I roamed around carrying cans as a petrol pump assistant, just like our country goes to the world bank begging, 'Give us money - we want to make roads'. Why cannot we change our destiny? Ours and our country's? You want me to deliver petrol cans and our country to beg forever? Why cannot we reach the top? Why are we called the third world? We have as much right to be a first world country, and we can be.

All of you want to stop me. Don't you? I am not alone. The whole country is moving ahead with me, and neither you nor your laws have the strength to stop the country. The doors you want to keep closed are opening up. We have our feet through the doors and our feet are very strong. Which enquiry can check the progress of this country and stop it?

All these can be changed only by government. We need to vote for good political party which is going to change these.


  1. That's Congress Raj for you! Good post dude

  2. I am sorry to say that the next general election is long way from now.