Friday, September 04, 2009

Y.S.Raja Sekhara Reddy - A Great Congress Leader

The death of Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy (8 July 1949 – 2 September 2009) is an unfortunate and disheartening incident. He was a great congress leader for the state in the recent times (atleast in the last 30 years).

Congress had been in serious troubles for a long time in A.P. In 1978, due to internal problems in Congress party, there were 4 chief ministers in 5 years. Because of the internal problems in Congress, it became very easy for N.T.Rama Rao (Telugu Desam Party) to win. Due to several reasons, TDP lost in 1989 elections and Congress won in that elections. But, they did not learn from the previous mistakes, and this time they changed 3 Chief Ministers in 5 years. There were always many groups in the party, and those lead to a big win to N.T.Rama Rao in 1994 elections. The defeat to congress was so miserable that, there was no Chief Opposition Party in the state. (To become a Chief Opposition Party, they have to get 10% of the total seats, and Congress did not get even 10%. After the split in the Telugu Desam Party, NTR TDP became the Chief Opposition Party.)

In 1999, Dr.Y.S.R. took the incharge of the state, and increased the no.of seats from 26 to 90. To improve the situation of the party in the state, he took a journey on foot from Chevella to Ichchapuram around 1400 kms in 2003. That resulted in an easy win for him in 2004 elections.

He has shown his real talent after becoming Chief Minister. He has not done even a single mistake done by the previous Congress Chief Ministers. He made sure that, there are no problems with different senior leaders (groups) of the party. He satisfied all the leaders and did not give any chance to form groups within the party. Since 1978, he was the first Congress Chief Minister to rule the state for 5 years.

The way he participated in this year's election was also abnormal, considering the previous Congress selections. He announced the entire list before any other party in the state. He promised to Congress High Command that, he would bring good results eventhough there were no alliances. He got little more than the majority required in the state, and for parliament, he secured 33 out of 42, more no.of seats than any other state for Congress party. Complete credit goes to Dr.Y.S.R. only.

In the first assembly session after 2009 elections, about Y.S.R., Dr.JP said, "Irrespective of whether it is good or bad, if Y.S.R. promises, he will fulfill it".

That was one main reason behind his success. For the election campaign, he used to challenge, "Did I violate any promise that I made in 2004 election campaign?". Nobody could challenge that.

When he won in 2009 elections, I thought he is going to brake the records of both Kasu Brahmananda Reddy (Congress leader holding C.M. post for long time), and Chandra Babu Naidu (for holding C.M. post for long time). Unfortunately he did not break those records, but he created the record for being the reason behind the biggest search in India.

Before the elections itself, all the economists knew that, it is definitely not possible to continue the same schemes in the state for next 5 years. State will not have that much money to do those. Even if Y.S.R. becomes C.M. again, he cannot sustain the same thing for next 5 years. But, with his sudden demise, he will not get any negative remark on his promises. His fans can say that, "If Y.S.R. has to pick up either Violating his Promise or Death, he would pick up only Death".

I am sure, it is not a simple matter for Congress to find somebody to fill in his shoes. They may appoint some Chief Minister, but, I am highly doubtful whether they can lead their party as successful as Dr.Y.S.R.

He is the one who started 108 Ambulance services in the state, and the same was used to take his body.

107 days back, He sworn as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in Lal Bahadur stadium. Now, his body is kept in the same stadium.

Dr.Y.S.R. used to say that, one should retire after 60 years. Few days back, few people questioned why he is still continuing in politics even though he completed 60 years. (He completed 60 years on July 8th this year). For that, smile was the only answer from him. Now, he retired from his life.

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