Saturday, March 06, 2010

Nadendla Bhaskara Rao - 1984 - As C.M.

Nadendla Bhaskara Rao has done the following when he was the Chief Minister of A.P. for one month.

  • Increased the retirement age from 55 to 58. (Marri Chennareddy increased retirement age from 55 to 58, and NTR decreased it from 58 to 55.)

  • NTR took Rs.30 crore from Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) and credited to the state government. Nadendla returned that money to TTD.

  • Decreased the price of milk by 30 paise per liter.

  • Green ration card holders used to get 5kgs of rice per head, and Nadendla changed it to 25kgs per family.

  • Increased the grants to hostel students from Rs.125 to Rs.175.

  • Started two orphanage homes in every district.

  • Cancelled Dharma Maha Matra, since Lokayukta had the same power and responsibilities.

  • Granted Rs.10 crore for the development of the old city in Hyderabad.

  • Introduced 3 grace marks for those who failed by few marks.

  • Increased the engineering seats to 240, and reduced the fees from Rs.5000 to Rs.3000.

  • Introduced 20% management quota in private engineering colleges, and cancelled the recurring grant to those colleges and saved Rs.7 crore to the government.

  • Started Engineering and Medical colleges for minorities.

  • Cancelled slab system in cinema theatres.

  • Returned sales tax on sugar cane to farmers.

  • In 1984, there was drought, and to save the farmers, waived off the current charges for 5 H.P. Motors.

  • Postponed the recovery of I.M.S.Loans due to drought.

  • Decreased the tax on tourist buses from Rs.250 to Rs.150 per seat. (The tax was increased by NTR.)

  • Reintroduced the pension scheme for MLAs and MLCs. (It was cancelled by NTR.)

  • Restarted all the academies for fine arts. (It was cancelled by NTR.)

  • Accepted the report by Muralidhara Rao commission on backward classes.

  • Every year from Jan 1st to Feb 10th, there would be an exhibition in Hyderabad. The lease agreement was expired in 1983 and NTR did not extend it. Nadendla extended it for few more years.

  • Increased the ex-gratia for R.T.C. Employees from Rs.750 to Rs.1000.

  • Permission granted for many B.Ed. colleges.

  • Congress government gave land for constructing house to all the MLAs for less price. When Telugu Desam Party formed the government, NTR was not interested in giving land to MLAs of TDP. Nadendla gave land to all the MLAs.

  • Cancelled Detention system in Osmania University. (Only Osmania University had this system and no other University had this).

Taken from the book Naa Jeevitha Prasthanam (My Life Journey) by Nadendla Bhaskara Rao.

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  1. My sister passed 12th because of the grace marks given by Bhaskara Rao. She had failed, but passed due to Bhaskara Rao's grace after few days of failing.