Thursday, March 18, 2010

Video Gadget For Blogger and IGoogle

For a long time, I have been thinking of how to promote Loksatta Videos on Loksatta News. I developed a google gadget by which the videos can be shown in a small space. This is useful for sites like LoksattaVideos, which have only videos in all the posts. This gadget displays the latest videos from that site, and the videos can be watched from the gadget itself.

To add this gadget, open and goto Layout -> Add Gadget -> Add your own, and enter the gadget url In the preferences, the URL and feed has to be entered. There are other options to change the width, height and no.of videos to be displayed etc. Once the gadget is added, the latest videos can be watched without going to the actual site.

There is one problem with google gadget. Google always refers to the original URL. So, if the original gadget in the given URL is changed, then all the blogs that use this gadget would be effected. That's why I have to keep different URLs for different versions

Gadget V1.0 :

Latest Gadget (V1.0) : (Not Recommended, since it may change).


  1. I thought that this feature is available by simply adding the javascript code for the gadget with a blogger HTML widget.

  2. Can you provide me more information on this?