Sunday, April 18, 2010

How do the managers force their Favorite Technologies?

A Manager comes up with some technology which he/she wants to use. He/She learns few buzzwords in that technology and proposes it.

Developers do not know how to respond to that. For any question by any developer, the manager throws some buzzword in the marketing guide of that technology, and says, with that technology, one can do everything.

Developers cannot reply to the manager, because, the manager knows more buzzwords than the developers.

When developers are not in agreement with the manager in using the new technology, the manager tells them that, it is only a proposal and not the final design.

For verifying this proposal, the manager asks the developers to start prototyping.

If the developers fail in prototyping, the manager googles the corresponding keywords and sends the top 10 results to the developers, and asks them why they could not search in google.

If atleast one developer could manage the prototype of his/her component, then the manager is impressed by that developer. If any other developer fails in his/her component, the manager asks the developer who was successful to help this developer.

Once everyone finishes the prototyping of their respective components, and if all the developers unanimously say that, this technology is not good for the product, since it is taking more time and effort, then the manager says the following:

"Why are you telling me this now? We are already in the middle of the release. We have spent lot of time and effort in this technology. If we change the technology, then we cannot deliver by the deadline, and all the effort would be wasted."

With that, the developers unwillingly use the technology proposed by the manager.