Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NTR and Rajanala

This is from the book All In One by Omkar.

It is not known whether this story is real or not. But, this is very popular in the telugu cinema industry.

Once NTR and Rajanala accepted to make a movie under a new director. On the first day itself, both NTR and Rajanala understood that this new director does not have talent to make a movie. One day, when the director told a shot, Rajanala was about to give suggestion that, it would confuse the audience. NTR stopped Rajanala and told him that, director knows it, and asked him to come outside.

After coming outside, Rajanala asked NTR, whether what he told was not correct. NTR said to him, "I know it. We already know the capacity of this director. If we give suggestions to him, he will make this movie a success and makes another 10 movies, and by that many producers will be bankrupt. If we leave him now, he will leave with this film."

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