Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mail Alerts on Way2sms - IISc Life (BhOndOO)

We can setup email alerts by SMS from way2sms. If we setup email alerts on way2sms, and if anyone sends mail to <OurId>, then they would send SMS to us with the sender and subject of the mail.

This is a really good feature from way2sms. But, the problem is, the mail alerts expire exactly after 14 days from the date of activation. Before expiring the alerts, they don't give option to renew. After expiring, you will not get mail alerts till you activate the alerts again. This is one big drawback in this.

With Way2sms, we can send an SMS in future (in the next 10 days). What I used to do was, I used to setup a future SMS alert as a remainder to renew my alerts. After 10 days, when I get the SMS alert, I used to setup another future SMS alert for 4 more days as a remainder. Even then, there was a loss of alerts for few hours.

Now, I realized that, there is much simpler way. After 10 days, I can deactivate the mail alerts, and activate it again. With that, it will expire 14 days after the re-activation, and I can have another SMS alert in 10 days. With that, I don't lose even a single mail alert.

Update: With also, we can setup mail alerts, and there is no need to renew mail alerts. But, it sends few promotional SMSes once in a while.

IISc Life

IISc Life is a very good blog written by my classmate Rupesh Nasre. I like the stories of bhOndOO very much. If you have some interest in reading love stories or humour stories, then I would strongly advise you to read the bhOndOO stories.

After reading the story, Does she love me?, I thought, I should not delay any time in reading the stories of bhOndOO. As soon as the article is published, I should read the story. I use google reader for reading anything. But, the frequency is not high enough and SLA for reading this blog will not be met with this. I asked for enabling the posts via mail, and he enabled it. Even that did not meet my SLA. I created way2sms mail account, and I enabled forwarding of the blog mails to my way2sms email account and enabled mail alerts. So, whenever there is any post, I get mail on my gmail account, which forwards to my way2sms account, which sends an SMS alert to my mobile. I have GPRS on my mobile, and can browse from my mobile. So, except when I am in sleep, I can read the posts within half an hour after posting it in With that, I have met my SLA, and my way2sms mail account is exclusively used for sending this alerts only.

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