Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unnecessary Expenditure by the Government

Recently, Government started a new scheme by which, it pays Rs.35,000 per annum per student to the corporate junior colleges as the fees for the selected poor students. Government has allocated more than Rs.21 crore for this. If the same money is allocated to improve the government junior colleges, the number of beneficiaries would increase by atleast 10 times.

Government is ready to give Rs.25,000 for an operation to the corporate hospital in the name of Arogya sri, but, it is not interested in giving resources worth of Rs.5,000 to a government hospital which can do the same operation. Government is ready to spend lakhs of rupees for an operation, but, is not ready to spend Rs.10 per person for the medicine which will prevent the disease in the first place.

Government may say that, they want to give quality service to the poor people by this. But, first government should provide basic necessities to everyone and if it has surplus money, then it can improve in other aspects. When there are many people who are not getting basic health/education, instead of providing them less expensive facilities, if government takes more expensive approach just for very selected people, that does not do any good for the state.

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