Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Don't Go With Google Blindly

If you had read my earlier posts, Can I live without google? and Google Products that I use, you would be wondering about the change.

I have been using Google analytics since jan 2008. Because of the blind faith in Google, I never tried to review any other competitors. Recently, in Apparao Blog, I saw the statistics, and came to know from ranjani that, gives detailed results. I have tested that for my site, and it gave very detailed results. After seeing those results, I realized that I missed a lot in the last 2.5 years by sticking to google analytics. With free account, statcounter stores only the last 500 results. If we don't upgrade to premium and we need detailed statistics, then we need to download it regularly.

Gmail is still one of the very good email providers. But, there has been no significant increase in the space in the last few years. Both yahoo and live are providing virtually unlimited space for the mails, and gmail did not cross 7.x GB in the last few years. It is increasing the space just by 4.26 bytes per second. With this speed, it would reach 11 GB by the end of 2037. There has been no increase in the space (from 1 GB) in google photos, which is used by the photos that are uploaded in blogger as well. Since, my usage has increased significantly, and if google does not increase the storage space, I may have to take premium account.

I am feeling like, I am going back to 2004, when I had to delete all the unnecessary mails and mails with big attachments. In 2004, Gmail came with the advertisement that, you don't need to delete any mail, and they had buried the delete button in one menu. Now, if I get any unnecessary mail or a not so important mail with a big attachment, I am deleting it immediately.

I hope Google thinks of consumers and will not become like another Microsoft.

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  1. Gmail is the best web app so far for have to be trade off on storage. i think in coming days Google will definitely increase the size of gmail to 10GB