Monday, September 20, 2010

Unethical Behavior of Job Consultants

A person sent his resume to his friend in a big company for developer position. The employee of that big company forwarded his resume. The employee was told that, his resume is already there in their database (It essentially means, the employee will not get any bonus, if the candidate gets the offer). The candidate never sent his resume to that company through anyone else. Still, that company got his resume through some other sources. After few days, the candidate was called for the interview, and in the interview, the interviewer told the candidate that, they were looking only for test position. The candidate walked out of the interview, since he was not interested in the test position.

The employee of that big company forwarded resumes of few others, who did not submit their resumes to anyone. But, most of them were never called for the interview.

Whenever somebody posts resume on any job portal, there are few consultants who takes these resumes and forwards it to the recruiters of few big companies immediately. There may be some understandings between the recruiters and the consultants. By this, if the candidate is selected in the company by any means, the consultant would get the referral bonus. If the candidate goes through consultant, then entire process would be finished in couple of days, and if he/she goes through an employee in that company, it would take couple of months.

The behavior of the consultants and recruiters is causing loss to the company, potential employees, and the employees who are referring the potential employees.

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