Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't Have Any Rules

Few years back, when I was learning Sanskrit, there was one teacher, who never speaks in any language other than Sanskrit. May be she had taken a vow of not talking in any other language. But, when she is in the role of a teacher to spread the knowledge of Sanskrit, the vow would be a big obstacle. Even if she feels that, she could manage, but the students cannot manage. Among all the teachers I had in Sanskrit, I appreciated everyone who tried their best to give maximum knowledge of Sanskrit. I remember one teacher, when he was explaining one thing in Kannada, I asked him to explain in English. He asked what was my mother tongue, and I told him Telugu. Since then, he started teaching Sanskrit in Kannada and Telugu, eventhough I was the only telugu student there. I appreciate him a lot.

If the goal is spreading the Sanskrit, then talking only in Sanskrit may become an obstacle in that.

Generally, if a political leader calls the leaders of other parties, then not everyone comes. Most of the time, the main rival parties do not come. When Sakshi TV was inaugurated, Chandrababu did not go, eventhough he was invited. Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan went there, and he gave an extra ordinary speech. It was one of his best speeches. He utilized the opportunity of speaking at the inauguration of a TV channel, spoke about media, and conveyed his message to everyone. You can watch the video or read the transcript from the below links (both are in Telugu).

Video :
Transcript :

Some time back, Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan was invited for a meeting which was exclusively for Muslims. Many people think that, if anyone wants to abolish caste and religion from the government, then they should try to be as much away from them as possible. From that perspective, they may think that, it is not a good idea for Dr.JP to attend that meeting. But, he attended the meeting, and by the end of the meeting, all the attendees have started supporting him and understood his ideologies. If he has any rule like, not attending the meetings of a specific caste or religion, then he would have missed many people who are ready to learn from him and follow his ideology.

If anyone has a higher goal or vision, it is better not to have any rules in that.


  1. the video is removed. it is not there..could you upload it..

  2. Thanks for pointing out. I updated the video.