Monday, November 29, 2010

Even Good People Are Becoming Bad After Entering Politics

Even good people are becoming bad after entering politics. This is one of the most popular statements one hears, whenever any new person joins politics.

I would say that, the perspective is wrong. If a good person enters politics, the general expectation from the people is, he/she will do very good, and changes the entire system. But, in practical, it is not possible, even if that person has been made as Chief Minister or Prime Minister. Because, even if they reach that position, in most of the cases, they will not get full power. He/she would be controlled by many others.

Let's take a hypothetical case. You are a very good person who wants to change the entire country. You were chosen to become the Chief Minister. From the second day onwards, you have to listen to the people who made you as CM. They ask you to do all the corrupt things. If you don't do it, then you would be asked to resign. Would you do it or resign to CM post?

All the great people did not resign to the post, and they continued. What they have done was, they listened to the controllers for whatever they asked, and fixed everything else that they have not interfered. Whenever they were forced to allow corruption, they allowed it, but, never got benefited from that. But, unfortunately, they had to face the criticisms of the bad things that happened, and media never mentioned the good things that they had done.

P.V.Narasimha Rao faced so much criticisms for all the scams that happened during his rule. Till his death, everyone considered him only as a corrupted person, and nobody knew about his real achievements. Only after his death, people started realizing that, he is one of the best prime ministers of India who saved India from bankruptcy. In his minority government, when all the people wanted to do corruption, he did not have any other option other than allowing them, but, he made all the economic reforms, which a normal person cannot understand, and saved India.

If a policy cannot be explained to your grand mother, then the opposition parties or alliance parties will not oppose it. Since, they won't get anything by opposing it. The great leaders like P.V.Narasimha Rao and Vajpayee used this, and brought many policies which changes a common man's life, but, cannot be explained to an illiterate so easily. Media takes only the points which can be explained to anyone. So, they will be left only with the corrupted activities and bad policies. They project those only which creates bad image for those leaders. That's why, many people are not aware of good politicians, eventhough there are many.

Thanks to Anija Linus.


  1. I agree with the last para, good policies are complicated and harder to understand,and making them bullet proof is impossible. Forget about formulating them.

    However, I don't think it is that hard to stay honest after entering politics. Agreed that most of those around might be crooks, but what happens to self-conscious? But society can advance only with the ideas of good people. What we need is transparent policies not the ones like the spectrum auction

  2. I added one more clarification in the post.

    If you don't do it (corruption), then you would be asked to resign.

    Instead of resigning and giving the power to crooked person, it is better to stay back and fix the remaining issues.

    But, when you do the corruption, it is not for the benefit of you. But, it is for the party and the other corrupted people, not for the self.

    P.V.Narasimha Rao had to allow corruption. But, he has never done it for self. Before his death, he did not have anything other than the house. Even that house, he was planning to sell to clear the debts to the lawyers. But, before selling itself, he died.