Monday, June 27, 2011

We Want to Solve Our Problems

* Conditions Apply (We have 1000 unnecessary conditions which may obstruct in solving the problems)

I have seen few rallies by students asking the APSRTC to increase the no.of buses. They conducted the rallies/protests with many students with catchy slogans on the banners. They say, they are working for the society by doing these kind of protests/rallies etc.

When the government has passed ordinance to take the private buses, employees of APSRTC protested saying that, it is a part of privatizing the APSRTC, and the government withdrew the ordinance. When the government tried to allow unemployed people to ply small buses, the same kind of protests started, and the government withdrew it again. Neither the APSRTC nor the government has money to buy new buses. In this situation, the government did not have any option other than keeping quiet and not solving the issue.

Cannot the students travel by the private buses? Do they need only APSRTC buses? If they can travel by private buses also, then when the government withdrew the ordinance, why did not these people protest against that? Did they think that, it is the issue only with the government and APSRTC and not anybody else? Did they think that, if they protest in that case, there would be clashes between the APSRTC employees and the students, which they did not want?

If you want to solve the problem, and if you are not going to help the government in solving the problem, your problem will never be solved.

There is one (and only one) political party in Andhra Pradesh, which talks about non-cooperation to the government. But, they are non-cooperative even to the people. If we really want to improve the society, the non-cooperation should be to the government and cooperation should be to the public.

The Government does not give permissions to the private people in transportation, and the government does not increase the no.of buses. If anybody wants to do non-cooperation movement in this case, just run your own private buses/vehicles without any permissions. Help the people by providing transport to them, and take whatever profits that you can get out of it. I consider only this type of movement as real non-cooperation movement, where non-cooperation is to the government, and cooperation is to the public.


  1. Government buses give bus passes to students at a fairly low price. This is the reason why they are demanding for new buses, I believe.

  2. If there are more private buses, then the load on the government buses would be reduced. By that, the students can travel more comfortably.

    If the overall system is improved, then it would solve everybody's problems. But, if we want to solve just our problems, then nothing would be solved.