Friday, July 15, 2011

Who is to be Blamed for Bad Code?

There is very bad code in the project. The developer was asked for explanation on writing bad code.

The Developer blames the Development Manager for giving less time to finish the project.

The Development Manager blames the Program Manager for giving too many requirements without giving enough time.

The Program Manager blames the Director that, he forced to fulfill all the requirements of the client within the time frame set by the client.

The Director says, he was ready to provide more resources to the Development Manager, but, the Development Manager rejected it saying, "Nine women cannot produce a baby in one month", and he could not increase the time because of the constraints from the Vice President.

The Vice President says, he does not have an option, because, he has pressure from the CEO to become market leader in couple of months.

The CEO says, "What is the issue with the code? It is solving our problems".

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