Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Discrimination Based on Sex, Caste and Religion

Two people (one guy and one girl) contact me once in a while, for any help required in their application.

Whenever the girl asks for help, it is done in 5 mins to 5 hours. Only once, it went beyond that.
Whenever the guy asks for help, it is done in 5 days to 5 weeks. Only once, it is done in less than 5 days.
Nobody has criticized me directly on this. But, it is quite possible that, they think, I am discriminating based on sex. 

Whenever the girl sends me an email for any help, she puts the entire information that she has in the email. If the information is huge, she dumps everything in a document and attaches that document.

Whenever the guy sends me an email for help, he puts enough information required for any user of that application. He does not put any redundant information and does not attach any extra documents so easily.

If I have any follow up questions, both would respond within one working hour.

In general, if there is any attachment, generally, I won't open it immediately. I would open it later, whenever I am free. Even by this logic, I should be more responsive to the guy rather than the girl.

Unfortunately, people underestimate/ignore many many small things which can change everything. The small things matter a lot in the real world, and if everybody concentrates only big things, we can never develop.

I am very lazy and busy. I am neither a user nor a developer of that application and I don't know the technology that is used in that application. It is developed by a less qualified person, and I am just maintaining it. If I want to do even small change in that, I have to spend lot of time for that. In such a situation, whoever is asking for help, I would be happy to get as much data as possible. When the guy sends the information, he sends enough information for the user of that application. But, I am not a user. So, I need more details. I had to follow up with that guy multiple times.

How exactly one can go to the screen that he is referring? Once I reach that screen, which user should I chose to test? What all operations can I perform on that application so that, their data is not modified? These are all obvious for any user of that application, but not for me. So, I had to follow up for each of those things one by one, because, I discover the second one only after the first is clarified. I generally work on these things at night or weekend, and he won't be available immediately to answer at that time. So, I get the response next working day. Each follow up would increase the time significantly. The general tendency is, if I had to spend more time and follow up many times, then I would delay it more. For example, if I followed up for four times, for first follow up, I may reply in one day, whereas for the fourth follow up, I may reply only after a week.

Once that task is done, after few days, he asked me to do some other change at some other place. By then, he deleted the test user. So, I had to follow up again to create the test user. After doing that, then he said, the same thing has to be done at other places. If he gives the entire information with detailed steps on everything, and asks me to solve it, then, I can spend least amount of time and get it done.

First time, when the girl sent me a big attachment with so much information, I got bewildered. But, when I started doing that, I never needed anything extra, and in one single sitting, I finished everything that she asked. Even for small things like, application is down, she sends full error message that she gets, eventhough, I could find it myself. That would save me few seconds, and I can directly login/open appropriate application/server to fix the issue.

Whenever she sends any mail to me, she does everything she could do, and spends a lot of time in composing the mail with all the information. She communicates to me in such a way that, my time is very valuable, and she tries to use minimum time of mine. Whereas, it is the exact opposite with that guy.

I respond faster to those who give more value to me and my time. I also expect, if they want to solve their problems, they should have more interest in solving their problems than me. Otherwise, I won't respond that much faster.

In towns and villages, many times, people of different castes talk in different ways with others. Few caste people may talk to others always in singular, and few other caste people talk to others always in plural. If somebody asks me a favor without giving respect, I would show minimum interest in solving his/her problem. But, if they give minimum respect, then I may spend time to solve their problems. If only one particular caste people give me respect, then it would look like, I discriminate based on caste, and help only that particular caste people.

I discriminate based on how much the other person values me and my time. If only particular sex, caste and religion people values me and my time, then one can assume that, I discriminate based on sex, caste and religion.

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