Friday, May 18, 2012

Why Should I be Kind to Everyone?

One person stands at the entrance in a train, does all kinds of feats and boards/gets down the moving train in every station. If he gets hurt by that, Why should I be kind to that person?

One person drives bike very rash and fast in a busy location without helmet. If he falls and gets injured, why should I be kind to that person?

When the people vote for bad candidates in the elections, and then suffer for their problems, why should I show sympathy to them?

One person cheats another person, and the second person suffers a lot because of that. After some time, if the first person suffers in the same way the second person suffered because of his action, Why should I be kind to that person?

People like Mahathma Gandhi have distorted the Hindu principles a lot. He says, one should show compassion to everyone. He removed the phrase, if they deserve.

Yama, the lord of death and punishment, is a great devotee of Lord Krishna. He is one of the 12 maha bhagavathas (The authorized people to preach about the Lord Krishna). If we go by the definition of Gandhi, then Yama can never be a great person.

Only the very fortunate people gets the punishment for their mistakes in the same life.


  1. Sadly, in democracy, our fate is interlinked with others! But I agree with the point of your post, enough compassion for morons.

  2. Yes, you do not have to be kind. It could be better if the system is a bit better for instance here in the helmet less accident incident it should be like if a person with out helmet gets hurts it should be complained to traffic police and police should take a strict action on him even after he is hurt along with medication.

    And the system of police should be a bit friendly where people should not feel any hesitation to approach him.

  3. The rules of wearing helmet and seat belts etc., are for one's safety only. If one does not wear helmet or seat belts, it would be disadvantage for them only and not for any other. That's why, I am not that much bothered about rules in this case, because, the violator would get punishment at some time or other.

    When the person is hurt, that itself is a punishment. No need of another punishment. I don't see any reason why I should spend some time (however little it is), to complain, when the person is already getting some punishment.