Friday, August 10, 2012

Taking Employer's Product Unofficially and Selling Outside

Long back, When I was working in a product based company, which sells products to big organizations mainly in US, I had discussion with my colleague on taking Company's products unofficially and selling outside.

My colleague started talking in such a way that, you cannot take any code outside. I told him that, everything is open here. You can take the code out in so many ways. But, the company trusts us. That's why, they had given full access to everything.

Then, he said something like below,

They don't need to have trust. If you can take our product and sell it to anyone yourself, then our company will appreciate it, and will make you as the official sales partner. They will give you good percentage in the sales by taking all the headache of new feature development, support, maintenance, bug fixing, legal and many other things.

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