Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If We Are Uncomfortable With Someone

If we are uncomfortable with someone, most of the time, we would like to get rid of them, so that, they won't trouble us again. While doing that, many people wish for bad things to happen to them, and most of the time, they wish for severe bad things than they deserve for the uncomfortableness they caused. Sometimes, the other person may not be wrong at all. But, because of the situation, we may be uncomfortable with them. In that case, we should not wish for any bad thing happen to them.

What should we wish for them?

We should wish for very good things to happen to them, so that they won't trouble us again.

If our colleague is causing trouble, and if he/she gets a very good job with very good pay in his/her favorite company and leaves this company, then our problems would be solved, and also he/she would be happy.

If a girl is uncomfortable because of a guy proposing her, and if she wishes that, he gets a more suitable girl than her, then both would be happy.

If anybody is troubling us because of some problem that he/she has, instead of wishing anything bad happen to that person, if we wish for that person's problem to be solved, that would be good for both.

1 comment:

  1. this may work only for minor inconvenience makers, not major troublers like thieves/criminals..

    also, simply WISHing won't help much. better to MAKE the thing happen, whether good or bad.